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Still not convinced?!

Yes, yes, I get it. You are afraid that you are going to throw away your well earned money (are you working hard or hardly working, bro?) on something you might not like. Fair enough. But if your sense of humour is so shitty that you don't get one single chuckle out of this book, then you can always re-sell it on eBay, use it to prodd up your favourite chair or start your barbecue with it.

Seriously. Get the book now. You will enjoy it.

I could try to flog the book to you by describing in detail how amazing it is. However, I think it's better if you make your own opinion about that. And to do that you'll have to buy the book. So there we are. Nailed the sales pitch, boss!

I could also try to hard-sell it to you by bragging about how many people love it. Again, I think you can make up your own mind. Head over to Amazon (links above) to see some of the feedback for the book. It's certainly not all roses and fairytales!

So what is it all about?

When people ask what the book is about, I tend to say that "It's a piss-take on the whole industry of yachting". Which is actually quite an accurate description.

If you have ever been involved in sailing, either as a hobby or a profession, you know the frequency of situations displaying complete and utter lack of competence, proficiency, logic or sense; both from the participants and the development of events. This book is a way of retelling some of these wonderfully embarrassing situations in an enjoyable way. Some are funny, some are boring, some are hilarious and some are cringe-worthy. Decide for yourself.

Last chance! Or rather: Last effort to pitch the book to you!

Scroll back up, click the links, and buy the book. You can get it either as a physical Printed Book that you can put on your coffee-table (for the love of God, don't leave it on the chart table on the boat!), or you can get it as a eBook from Kindle or Google.

I sincerely hope you will get some entertainment out of it!
Enjoy the read!