Do you know what the first rule of sailing is?
you're about to find out!

You will also be entertained by various Skipper Horror stories, tales of half-witted Charter Guests, anecdotes involving imbecilic Coast Guards, the stupidity of Weather forecasts, and an abundance of thoughts and comments on other sincerely questionable practices in the yachting industry ranging from Rota-systems to marine terminology, all sprinkled with a hefty bit of banter.

Oh, and you also get a formidable cocktail -list with some fantastic drinks thrown in.

Enjoy the laugh!

“Absolutely hilarious!”
“I loved the book. Found it very funny and extremely relative, especially for people who will go or have been charter sailing”
“It was a nice, short and simple laugh throughout the chapters and you looked forward to finding the next joke!”
"This was a fun read... just finished the book - entertaining!"
"I love it! For anyone who has ever had any contact with yachts, navigation, sailing and the general vicissitudes of life, this irreverent tome will delight you. His use of language gets to you as well! Very funny and quite philosophical in a funny sort of way"
“A seriously entertaining read!”
“This chapter is f***ing hilarious, that’s all!”
“Swede, you are such a wanker.
But you do crack me up!”


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Who Is Skipper Swede?

An accomplished sailor, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, and a thoroughly enjoyable person to be around, all according to himself.

On a more serious note, he actually has a day job and is able to deliver first-class training (RYA, specialized and custom), delivery solutions, skippered charters, yacht maintenance, sail repair and much more.

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